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Greater healthcare options changing lives for the better

Since 2017, CMFIT Global Health Consulting has provided a high level of client satisfaction through our person-centered healthcare consulting services. We do more than give advice; we empower others, especially the underprivileged, by helping them access the services and assistance they need to accomplish care needs.

We offer:

  • Case Management Expertise
  • Dependable Solutions
  • Close Customer Care
  • Transformative Initiatives
  • Mobilization of Public and Private Resources
  • Aid with Access to Healthcare Services
  • Dedication to Care for All
elderly man and his family talking to a medical consultant

Your Consulting Partner of Choice

Many clients have chosen us as their consulting partners thanks to our diverse expertise and compassionate approach to solving problems in the healthcare sector.

Why? Because we believe that all deserve to find the healthcare assistance they need to live happy, fulfilling lives. We know how goal-oriented leadership, connection, and cooperation can change lives for the better.

We have provided consulting services and aid in the fields of:

Helping Those in Need

Senior citizens and persons with disabilities are among the most disadvantaged in society. Many often suffer from neglect, lack of access to aid, and lack of communal support.

Apart from consulting services, we also offer general clinical programs to less privileged areas, families, and individuals.

COVID-19 Vaccine
Working with healthcare agencies and manufacturers, we supply and administer FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines to low-income families, households, or individuals. The vaccine rollout aims to reduce coronavirus infections and eventually rebuild the economy.
COVID-19 Test
For individuals who notice coronavirus symptoms but can’t afford the testing, we offer COVID-19 tests for less developed communities. Our goal is to help them gain access to safe, quick, effective, and accurate COVID-19 test results. We also provide proper advice to patients on what to do before, during, and after the test.
Flu Vaccine
The flu virus is lurking around the corner, and it can infect at any time. Thus, we offer flu vaccines to low-income families and households, especially children. We work with experienced medical professionals to administer the vaccination process safely and effectively.
Drug Prescription
CGHC works with compassionate doctors to provide drug prescription services to low-income individuals. This way, they can get appropriate checkups and medications for any of their conditions. Our doctors also send our patients’ prescriptions to their chosen pharmacies at a discounted price.
US Government Procurement Contracts
CGHC contracts with the US government on general services procurement, such as security, maintenance, and research. We also purchase and deliver procured products requested by the US government agencies.

We Are Eager to Help You

Helping others find solutions to their healthcare problems is our goal. Feel free to schedule a consultation or call 513-813-3234 today. Our consultants will get you started on finding the solutions you need.